Boat wash

If your boat is under 16 x 5 meters and your hull has non-toxic paint, then you can book our boat wash. The boat wash i located in Kraftverkshamnen, by Steam Hotel. 


To be able to use the boat wash, your boat must meet the limit values ​​for biocide-free boat bottoms.

You can demonstrate compliance with certificates from an XRF measurement of your boat bottom or from companies that have removed the boat bottom paint.

We do not accept boats that are painted with barrier paint on the basis that the washing impairs the function of the paint, see Hull Target, The Swedish Transport Agency.

Read more about: Which boats can be washed in the boat wash?

There is also a high-pressure washer that can be used in conjunction with washing your boat.


make lake mälaren cleaner

The boat wash in Västerås is part of the EU project Life IP Rich Waters, which is one of Sweden’s largest projects for better water. The goal of the project is to improve the water environment, primarily in the middle Swedish waters that flow into and affect Lake Mälaren and the northern Baltic Sea. The boat wash provides the opportunity to get a clean boat bottom mechanically, without toxic boat bottom paints. The goal is to reduce the number of recreational boats with bottom paints that leach toxins into the water.

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